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02-04-2021 - By Emil Hjort

The world works in crooked ways. It seems a general rule that the wicked and corrupt rises to the top of society, while others are shunned into middle positions or worse. This is because states are run by the use of force and violence, and which sane person would want to sell one’s soul simply for a high position in society? They use terror as a suggestion not to come between them and their precious power.

This is by no means a validation of “nice people”. Sure, society needs a bit of social lubricant in order to function, but the pacifist is a coward hiding from the consequences found in reality. We have to use the same force as the tyrant does, but to overthrow him. If they will not rise up, but prefer safe delusions and comfort, they deserve the tyranny.

You have to be mean, or society will be ruled by fascists. You have to be willing to impose order and common sense on society, or you will lose it to the infidels. Those people who are merely chaos agents and who does not know any language but destruction. If you want to overthrow that dictator, you have to be fierce, and life itself demands a fierce outlook.

How else to exist in a void? For your dreams and aspirations are beyond value, and you must have courage to express them in a fitting way. If you are not willing to climb up that mountain, you will be stuck on the ground, and the project will never set off. So, Freedom Fighter, have courage above all else, for if you do not, you will be ruled by the wicked.