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The Truth is Rare
20-06-2021 - By Emil Hjort

How do you explain something which is frowned upon, ignored, and even hated by the vast majority of people? Obviously it cannot be done, for their hearts and minds are closed. Personally I understand this and thus have no negativity regarding it. If someone came and told me they have abducted by aliens, I too would consider them insane or liars.

The truth is not grasped by the masses. The truth is esoteric and hidden away, blooming only in secret gardens way outside of polite society. There are those who grasp it by intuition and by a fierce inner disposition, but they are rare. Most people have to accidentally stumble upon it. So the truth is ignored.

Ignorance is the condition of the human race. They believe in what they like to believe in, and not what a cool intellect can gather from observing causal relationships. Most people are not scientists or philosophers. Even philosophers rarely grasp anything, but their own superstitions and fancies.

But I stumbled upon a superior truth entirely by accident. I was a fool and a clown, and were delirious by drugs and maltreatment. Yet it came to me some dark night.

What is this truth? It is simply the reality of God, and how the spirit of God resides in the temple of the body. This truth is ignored and frowned upon. So be it! The masses was always ignorant, and nothing can cure this. Now, let them accidentally stumble upon this truth.