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To Proceed Only
17-03-2021 - By Emil Hjort

You must proceed with caution, for there is much danger in this world. If you hope to make it, you must make a friend of danger and horror, for though you may not seek it or desire it, it will come your way. This world is troublesome, and there is nothing to do about that.

What do you hope to achieve? For our achievements are quickly annulled by time and space. What we do is voided by the trees which grow and by the water which flows. Yet this urge for having importance in the world is always there. You cannot leave it behind, and thus it is filled with troublesome ventures.

What will you be in forty years? Perhaps just dust and ash, for death is always near you. But you should want to make something out of yourself, for that is transformative in itself. You have the subject of your work, for it has been given to you by a divine being, now you must take it from an idea into fruition. It must come to grow from you like wheat is grown in a field.

And may it be a blessed work. May it enlighten people years from now. How else to exist? But even that is eliminated by time and motion. We reason from cause to effect, and so we must describe the causes behind the mystical experience. That is our work, and it is right in front of you. Now to proceed only.

Have it in you to do something to better this world. Do not think that you can correct it, for evil is in the design, but with compassion you can give something precious to it. If you give compassion to the world, the world is transformed by the compassion, and it becomes a place with compassion. So give that to the world.