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Unanswered Questions
22-02-2021 - By Emil Hjort

I was passionate about ideas and wanted to develop some for myself. But the weather took me. I went in search of divine things, but gravity kept pulling at me. I understood some things, but some kept eluding me. I searched, but there came no answers.

I saw the world open before my eyes, but then I was disturbed by this spirit. I saw the illusion that is the world, but still the answer kept eluding me. I wanted to give of myself, but the direction I had kept disturbing me.

Perhaps one day I will know the truth of these occurrences. Today, though, I live in the borderline between fiction and reality, and how to convey this to others? I want to have dealings with other persons, but if they do not understand my point of view, how can I share of myself?

Above all else I want to share myself. I believe in the reality of love – to be honest I haven’t seen a lot of it, but I believe it to be real. But I cannot love what is not real, so I am placed in a situation where I seek love, but where it remains a sort of delusion. I can love, but am not loved back.

When I look at myself in a mirror, its almost as if I don’t recognize myself. I am such a stranger, even to myself. These things I have seen are tearing at me. Still I need to go on even further, for I now there are more revelations waiting for me at the edge of reality.

Luminous reality. But such forces pulling at us. I came to near to the nest and was disturbed by it. Now it sits there, almost as if it is not there, but always doing its work in the background. I guess that I will now the truth one day.

I wish only to shine bright!

I wish only to give of myself!

I wish for love and compassion, but where is it now?