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Individualism is a Personality Disorder

To live in the modern world is to be lost in a maze one is hardly able to grasp. We no longer understand who we are and where we come from, and this where we are going, and in this … Continue reading

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They Destroy Everything

Being hardly self-conscious and aware about their place and situation in a greater macrocosmos, yet they claim to be concerned about inequality and climate change and other such ideological elements, but insists on traveling to New York to buy Christmas … Continue reading

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Matter And Consciousness

The two most fundamental substances found in this universe is consciousness and matter. We know of beings which consist solely of matter, namely trees and plants. Trees and plants are living beings, but contrary to mankind, they consist solely of … Continue reading

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The End Of Civility

The problem with our culture is not Islamic terrorists or George Bush and his hitmans, but the decadence brought about when we slaughtered God in the name of… In the name of what exactly? No one seem to remember anymore, … Continue reading

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