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Race and Being

The human community is spellbound to its particular goals and transcendent ideals. They are as hypnotized into a particular tune, totally in love with their goal of reaching immortality by claming their desires. This dance of war, death and love … Læs resten

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The One-Eyed Mystic of the Taliban

Taliban can through metaphor make us understand certain power structures. It was a message from beyond the grave. On July 29th the Afghan government confirmed claims by Pakistani intelligence officials that the mysterious leader had in fact died in Pakistan … Læs resten

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The Purity of Motherhood

Harry Potter is underrated for two reasons. First of all, it was packed for teenagers. Secondly, because it seems naive to people who do not know better. In reality, it touches many vital and profound archetypes. Yet, we must also … Læs resten

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