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Meeting God: An Experience That Fundamentally Altered Me Forever

There is supreme danger and intense fear upon leaving civilization and going into the wilderness where nothing is safe, and where the ego is first purified, and then transformed into a new state, like a caterpillar is first turned into … Læs resten

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Surviving Holocaust

Some people may claim that democracy is an illusion, and that the Western world is not the Home of Liberty, but is dominated by a reactionary and oligarchical elite. But making such claims is dangerous, because they might turn out … Læs resten

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The Morning Splendor

A quote I received: “My name is “Might!” I am the face of existence, and there are no one besides Me. I am the centuries, nay, even the milleniums, and beyond that. I am a force that could immediatly destroy … Læs resten

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