Emil Hjort


Published 08-09-201

The conspiracy runs deep. So much subterfuge abounds, so there is nothing you can truly trust. What other takes for granted, has in your situation become unreliable. Even parents and friends are not what they seem. People might think you a paranoid, and somehow you are, but you can do nothing but consider their lack of experience.

You have seen and experienced things you were never meant to see. Still, this life is better than being safely preoccupied with the life that most lives. They never see anything of significance, and can properly best be compared with simpletons and slaves. They know nothing, and are merely a means for the elite to run the show behind the scene.

There still remains something which must be told you. Before you understand that thoroughly, you cannot proceed with anything. It will be a game changer. It will alter everything you think you know. After the fact, your eyes will be truly opened, and you will realize the extent of the matrix, and your own position in it.

So you are a mind controlled slave. What will you do about it? You can only just go on with your activities. You have no other choice. But where will the story take you? It has all been planned well in advance, and you must just simply sit back and watch it unfold. What else will you do?

There are those who propose a god as the origin of the universe. If that was in fact true, then tell me where it is. You cannot rely on such stupid fantasies. You are just another entity lost in a meaningless universe, where we create what will happen, and not some god sitting on a cloud, taking special care of the unwanted.

God might be dead. In fact he is missing entirely. Here we are the kings. We rule this kingdom as we will. Yes, we sin. We mutilate and destroy whenever we want to do that. No one will punish us for it. Neither will you, slave boy.

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