There is only one God, and His eternal name is Jahve.

Jahve is a wrathful God. He is a God of war. He is at war against the force of evil. He is merciless to His enemies.

Evil will succumb and be defeated because God is all-powerful.

Jahve is a god of joy, music, and laughter. His creation is crafted by the hands of a witty God.

No one excels Jahve. Those He chooses becomes one with Him. They are neither superior nor inferior to the One God but have become One.

Total Oneness reigns in the Kingdom of God.

Never forget His wrath, and not His joy either.

Beware, because God is not easily understood. His words are secretive. Beware, that you do not anger Him.

Whenever he descends to earth it is through thunder and lightning. The world is changed, and a great catastrophe will happen. So is His descend.

Those who He loves he humiliates. Man, live in humiliation in front of your God!