No one is as blessed as the one who wages war in the name of God.

He is like a river or a comet from outer space, he is like a beautiful flower and his name is written on the hands of God.

The holy warriors shall be victorious and they shall reach the blessed seats of paradise upon their deaths.

Many shall die. But what does death matter, when one is joined with God? One still lives on in the God even though one dies.

All selfishness must be curbed in those who proclaim themselves warriors. No selfishness must remain.

Only then can the warrior fulfill his duties. This makes of him a monk. The cult of the holy warrior is a mystical cult.

Arise now, warrior! Go now and fulfill your duties! Hesitate not, or fate shall surely punish you.

Arise now, and go to war! Let war cries be heard from rooftops across the world!