I decided to search for God in his temple on the mountain.

Long did I wander through the wilderness called 'Hopeless Striving'.

Long did I climb the mountain called 'Irrefutable Judgements'.

Up to the temple called 'Mud and Dust'.

At the temple the God appeared to me and proclaimed me a lawgiver.

He gave me a stone tablet upon which was written words of delight.

It said:

"Oneness has come. Oneness with the Lord. All of creation is celebrating, for it shall know God as it knows itself.

Let laughter and music be heard, let joy and bliss enter the hearts of man.

Satan, the horned demon, who has kept man from his true destiny, is now gone.

A new reign has come. The reign of God and his chosen people.

A war is descending upon Earth. It shall claim millions of lives, but in the end, we shall become victorious.

Long live the victory! Long live the joy and bliss!"