Condemnation one

Because you initially betrayed love, and made your own evil practices and traditions, you fatally wounded your soul and spirit and have become a monster, a mockery of a human being.

Condemnation two

Because you let hierarchy control your behavior, you shall be seen as the lowest.

Condemnation three

Because you let custom and tradition control your behavior, you became cruel and dull.

Condemnation four

Because you did not stick to the truth, but let peoples perception of you control you, you died while you were still alive.

Condemnation five

Because you stuck together, not out of love, but out of custom and a shrewd sense of duty, your heart withered.

Condemnation six

While you collected possessions and beautiful clothing and all the fine things of the world, all true beauty was taken away from you.

Condemnation seven

Because you were filled with envy and greed, all joy eluded your heart.

Condemnation eight

Because you condemned the poor, the sick, the drug addicts, the weird and the crazy, you were yourself condemned.

Condemnation nine

Because you hesitated, I punished you.

Condemnation ten

Because of your cruelty towards innocents, the gifts of God were taken from you and given to those you hated and neglected.