Let no one think of himself as too lowly for My chamber. Better yet: let no one think of himself as too mighty for feet and shoes and kissing.

The lowliest of the lowliest comes to Me, and so does the mightiest of the mightiest. They all come before God to prostrate themselves, and for having their sins forgiven and seeking favor.

Let no one be too lowly for Me.
Let no one be to mighty for Me.

They are all created in the image of God, and they have a right to come before the God who is their Creator. The Creator loves all of his creation. In ecstatic passion, men come before their God and He thanks them not for being his creations.

So you should go to your God.

The creator is a kind of optical illusion, for behind all the faces their lies nothing. Nothing is ever creative. Nothing is ever watchful. He will appear to you in the shape of an archetype called Jahve. But behind this archetype, lies another kind of vast desert. There are no passions in God.