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Divine Enchantment

Most people are oblivious to any kind of higher truth. This has something to do with the very ordering of the cosmos, where that which is genuine and real can only be sought out by certain kinds of personalities or souls. The rest must stay within the confines of the “safe” (which basically means what the television tells them). There are those who go out into uncharted territory, and they bring back the fire of the gods. Most often they are also punished for doing so.

This penalty might not be anything too obvious. It might be more insidious than that. It can manifest as being rejected by the crowd of people. Because they did not go to where the gods reside, they are unwilling to tolerate those who have achieved this enlightenment of the soul. So they remain on their own and in loneliness, because that was the consequence for seeking out superior truths. There might be other not-too-obvious penalties, but only those who went there can tell.

So why are we punished by the gods for seeking them out? It has something to do with hubris. A human coming into contact with a deity has removed himself so far from the majority of people, that he needs the punishment for his own good. Everything comes with a price, and it should, or the ego of such a person might grow too large. So he is “arrested” by the gods, even if this is for his own good. He went to where the gods live, and now he must endure the consequences of seeing what is forbidden for any human.

Yes, there are those who goes to where the gods live. Such men or women are rare indeed. Like Prometheus, there are punished for their audacity, yet they are also rewarded for their persistent denial of themselves. So what food does the god eat? They eat of the fruit called “divine enchantment”.

Divine enchantment is the giving up of the self for the sake of a new and superior self. It is the god coming and taking up residence in your soul. In this way, the divine and the human intermix, so that a new product is achieved. A new person comes into being which is simultaneously divine and human.

It could be called a possession experience, but that has negative connotations. Actually, it is a condition which enriches the person experiencing it. It is like an expansion of the mind or consciousness to include a god.

That is what the gods eat. Those who get it are both rewarded as well as punished by the gods. It is up to you if you want to discover this secret. I can take you there.

Where The Gods Live

Before you can proceed, there is something that would have to be told to you. Without this knowledge, you are as if blind. You cannot hope to succeed without it. With it, you will find that all of your endeavors will succeed as if by magic.

Life is an opportunity to learn and to accept the circumstances that one has been born into. Whatever you make of life, know that there are some certain paths that will yield good things, and there are other paths that will give only evil and pain. You can make of life what you will, but you cannot escape certain consequences.

You stumbled across a truth which is rare. Few ever find it, and those who do are transformed by it. In some sense you are rich beyond measure, and you have what you desire laid out right in front of you, but again: there is something you need to know. It will come to you slowly and gradually, and then, one day, it will hit you right in your head – and then you will know for yourself.

There are divine beings in this universe. This universe might be illusory, but it is also grand and old. There are forces in it that humans cannot have taken into account. We call these beings “the gods”, and they are old and wise, and have seen it all, whereas humans are young and ignorant, and thus they are in folly.

There will appear magic beings in front of you. They will take you to where they live, and they will give you of their food, so that you become as though you were one of them. The wine they drink is very precious, and it shall be given to you. They will tell you of secrets that few humans ever knew. Then you must take this fire, and share it with other humans, and you must build a society around it.

You can establish this cult (with no negative connotations) and worship and celebrate the divine being that showed itself to you. Beware though, for other humans might not enjoy what you have to tell. They are most ignorant and vile, and they do not know of the gods. They will never find them.

When you finally come across the secret: be not dismayed. Take it upon you and let its essence transform you and others.

The Spirit

In my philosophy, I operate with a few abstractions. The most important of these is what I call the Spirit. Why does it have primacy over the other concepts? Simply because it is through the Spirit that everything is given. So I am a mystic first and foremost, and only secondly a philosopher. The Spirit is the living representation of God inside of the universe. This Spirit has the potential to intermix with a human soul, so that the two of them become as though they are one. Yes, that is not a typo. The living reality of God can mix with a human soul. I believe that this is what happened to Jesus.

The Spirit is an emanation of the transcendent God. It is a representation of God. Why does it need to be a representation? This is a very fundamental question, and it is not easy to answer. I see the universe as being object for consciousness. The universe is an object inside of consciousness. But God is not an object of consciousness. God transcends consciousness. This means that God is not a phenomenon. All phenomenons have as their basic substratum consciousness. Where does that leave God? It means that God cannot be known or understood, since our thinking simply cannot comprehend what is not a phenomenon.

Yet, countless of sages and prophets have known God. However, it is my belief that they knew only the representation of God inside the universe. This is what I call the Spirit. They knew only of the Spirit, for the transcendent God, or the Void of God, cannot be known. The Spirit is transcendent as well, but transcendent in another sense of that term. For the Spirit, being transcendent, means that He is beyond time and space. He is not located in time and space, except for His immanent appearance. But the Void of God, which I call Him, is transcendent in the sense that He is not only beyond time and space, but that He totally transcends what we call “being”. This does not mean that He is nothing though.

But we can come to know the Spirit. It is through the Spirit that all true spirituality begins. When we receive the Spirit into our interior or soul, we truly begin the spiritual life. It is not only great sages who receive the Spirit. It can happen to anybody. It just simply descends down from Its throne in the Heavens and makes a home of your soul. Then you become one with this Spirit, at least in some sense, for it does not mean that you thereby become God. In some sense you die, for, when it happens, your soul is turned upside down. It enters in through your will and agency, so that you become as though you were a new person – and you are!

This is where spirituality truly begins. This is the awakening. This is belief.

How To Merge Your Essence With God

We take our state of awareness for granted. We take our minds for granted. Most people will never realize alternative states of the mind, and so they are hostile towards those who do so. But the mind can expand and be twisted into new forms. What we consider our ordinary state of consciousness or mind, might at anytime show itself to be just one of many forms of awareness. There awaits a whole world of different states of awareness, and the common element they have is that they show us the nature of reality, and how reality does not necessarily conform to the rules that we normally take for granted.

Beyond this world, there might be a transcendental world, that people have reached by either accident or practice. Most often, a mystical state of awareness comes on as a seeming accident. It wasn’t consciously chosen. And that reveals a mystery of the mind. Our choosing agency is very limited indeed. Most people live with the delusion that they choose everything, but the mystical experience cannot be chosen. There is a certain mechanism in the mind which is beyond the choosing agency. The ego is limited indeed, and most often it lives with illusions of grandeur. It believes that it is responsible for everything, when in fact it might be very limited.

This is properly the first lesson of the mystic. Whatever happens, happens for reasons that are outside of your control. You have a very limited ability to impact reality, but there are mechanisms that can fundamentally change your outlook on reality, but they are not controlled by the ego. What we witness each day is nothing more than a magic show. At any time, it might break down and reveal a reality fundamentally different from the reality we normally experience. It is possible to merge with the very essence of God, and thus to become, in some sense, godlike. 

This happens when the very agency of God enters into your soul, and become one with it. For this to happen, you have to become something new, and the old will have to die. 

I cannot tell you how to arrive there, for it is beyond the control of the ego. Neither can substances induce this condition. So you are left on your own. 

The Vicious Cycle Of Dependency

The universe might be nothing more than a grand illusion. It might have been the play of a god, who desired multiplicity and confusion instead of stable oneness. In that case, it could be said that our true identity is to be divine. The ego might just be illusory, in the sense that it is not seen how the ego is generated. What is the cause of this tiny ego in this mighty world? The answer might be complex.

Most people are oblivious to the truth. If anything, they are caught in a cycle of illustrious dependency on the modern world, which is a tyranny in disguise. The one common element all tyrannies have in common is the strict denial of truth. So they are caught in a trap they can never escape, for to escape they would have to have the necessary information and knowledge to do so. As they remain ignorant, they can never escape it.

The truth might be stranger than any fiction. What lies beyond the ego? Can the soul exist without the body? Are we truly dependent on this that philosophers call “matter”? Or is it rather like a magic show lasting a few days? There are a few that goes beyond this illusory universe, and, like Prometheus, brings fire down to the people. But they are rarely thanked by the great masses for doing so.

That they are not even open to considering an alternative Weltanschauung shows the extend of their dependency on lies and misinformation. Instead of openly debating what might be truthful if considered, these discussions have been banned by the empire. Civilization might be benevolent only for those who are unwilling to consider what others find easily. Is there something which the modern world miss? Perhaps they are unwilling even to consider this fact, and in most likelihood they are. This is the vicious cycle of dependency that modern society creates in individuals.

Others have contemplated things that are banned by this empire or civilization. We would tell others of these things, if only they cared to listen, but they don’t. There are some who are punished for speaking out. We have seen the immaterial nature of the soul, and have gone beyond this world, but what does it matter, if the rest of civilization ignores our truth? So we are alone in our quest for truth. We have shed the cycle of dependency. And for that we are punished by those who would establish this relationship.

I can show you otherworldly things. You have only to ask me to do so. I can take you to hidden places, far away from this civilization, places where few ever ventures. You need only the courage to break the chains that bind you. And if you do so, you will be changed forever. You can no longer go back to believing the silly lies told by this empire. There is something waiting out there, beyond the borders of the safe. I will take you there.

How To Find The Truth

To find out what is real and true, you must venture far away from safe and comfortable places. You must annihilate the thinking of the great crowd of people. The truth is not found among the majority, because they see nothing except for the illusions of their culture.

The television repeats lies everyday, and thus they slowly get accepted as the truth. However, there are those who go far out into a mental wilderness, and in that secluded place, they can stumble on Reality. They are taken by a fierce stream, and it is absolutely dangerous.

You must come to live with that danger. Out there, there are wolves and snakes, and they will kill you if you are not prepared. You must face these dangers, and when you have found the truth, you must come back into civilization, and there tell others of what you have found.

However, do not think that everybody will thank you for doing so. Most people are so throughly brainwashed, that they will never accept the truth, even if it looks them directly into their eyes. They prefer their safe delusions and the lies of their puny culture. But you are different, dear friend. You want truth above all else, and thus you are worthy to find or stumble across it.

For it often comes as a side-effect or as an accident. Most truth-tellers do not even look for it. It comes to them. Then, again, they are taken by a hurricane, and the storm transforms them. They can never again believe in the lies. They are changed forever. You too must change. You too can change. All it takes is a little push in the right direction, and then you will see it for yourself.

Thank me later.

Finding God Behind The Appearances

The universe might be like a magic show or simply an illusion. What we consider to be most real, might in fact be just like a mirage in the desert. Though it imposes itself on us, we would have to consider wisely what is real and what is mere appearance. We can call the real “God”, but it eludes all scrutiny and definition.

There are those who base their life on finding the real. They consider this universe impermanent and unreal, and filled with suffering. So they hope to go beyond it. They want to find that substance which wise men and women across the ages have termed God. Most will never find it.

God is not another phenomenon. If he was a phenomenon, He would be just as unreal as the universe. God is not an object in consciousness. Everything we tend to see as real might be just an appearance in consciousness, but God must be something else. He must be transcendental.

But if God is not another appearance, then how should we discover Him? For we only have access to the limited and unreal universe. We can never hope to go beyond consciousness, for that is all we are. If we left behind consciousness, we would cease to exist.

However, there is a substance in the universe which closely resembles God. I call it the Spirit of God. It is a representation of God inside the universe. We can discover this substance. It can merge itself with our being.

How so? Let us call it an emanation of the transcendental God inside the universe. It orders this illusory universe. Whatever you have or lack comes from this Spirit.

You cannot bring the mystical experience about. It must come to you. But you can prepare yourself for the experience.