How To Find The Truth

To find out what is real and true, you must venture far away from safe and comfortable places. You must annihilate the thinking of the great crowd of people. The truth is not found among the majority, because they see nothing except for the illusions of their culture.

The television repeats lies everyday, and thus they slowly get accepted as the truth. However, there are those who go far out into a mental wilderness, and in that secluded place, they can stumble on Reality. They are taken by a fierce stream, and it is absolutely dangerous.

You must come to live with that danger. Out there, there are wolves and snakes, and they will kill you if you are not prepared. You must face these dangers, and when you have found the truth, you must come back into civilization, and there tell others of what you have found.

However, do not think that everybody will thank you for doing so. Most people are so throughly brainwashed, that they will never accept the truth, even if it looks them directly into their eyes. They prefer their safe delusions and the lies of their puny culture. But you are different, dear friend. You want truth above all else, and thus you are worthy to find or stumble across it.

For it often comes as a side-effect or as an accident. Most truth-tellers do not even look for it. It comes to them. Then, again, they are taken by a hurricane, and the storm transforms them. They can never again believe in the lies. They are changed forever. You too must change. You too can change. All it takes is a little push in the right direction, and then you will see it for yourself.

Thank me later.

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