How To Merge Your Essence With God

We take our state of awareness for granted. We take our minds for granted. Most people will never realize alternative states of the mind, and so they are hostile towards those who do so. But the mind can expand and be twisted into new forms. What we consider our ordinary state of consciousness or mind, might at anytime show itself to be just one of many forms of awareness. There awaits a whole world of different states of awareness, and the common element they have is that they show us the nature of reality, and how reality does not necessarily conform to the rules that we normally take for granted.

Beyond this world, there might be a transcendental world, that people have reached by either accident or practice. Most often, a mystical state of awareness comes on as a seeming accident. It wasn’t consciously chosen. And that reveals a mystery of the mind. Our choosing agency is very limited indeed. Most people live with the delusion that they choose everything, but the mystical experience cannot be chosen. There is a certain mechanism in the mind which is beyond the choosing agency. The ego is limited indeed, and most often it lives with illusions of grandeur. It believes that it is responsible for everything, when in fact it might be very limited.

This is properly the first lesson of the mystic. Whatever happens, happens for reasons that are outside of your control. You have a very limited ability to impact reality, but there are mechanisms that can fundamentally change your outlook on reality, but they are not controlled by the ego. What we witness each day is nothing more than a magic show. At any time, it might break down and reveal a reality fundamentally different from the reality we normally experience. It is possible to merge with the very essence of God, and thus to become, in some sense, godlike. 

This happens when the very agency of God enters into your soul, and become one with it. For this to happen, you have to become something new, and the old will have to die. 

I cannot tell you how to arrive there, for it is beyond the control of the ego. Neither can substances induce this condition. So you are left on your own. 

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