Where The Gods Live

Before you can proceed, there is something that would have to be told to you. Without this knowledge, you are as if blind. You cannot hope to succeed without it. With it, you will find that all of your endeavors will succeed as if by magic.

Life is an opportunity to learn and to accept the circumstances that one has been born into. Whatever you make of life, know that there are some certain paths that will yield good things, and there are other paths that will give only evil and pain. You can make of life what you will, but you cannot escape certain consequences.

You stumbled across a truth which is rare. Few ever find it, and those who do are transformed by it. In some sense you are rich beyond measure, and you have what you desire laid out right in front of you, but again: there is something you need to know. It will come to you slowly and gradually, and then, one day, it will hit you right in your head – and then you will know for yourself.

There are divine beings in this universe. This universe might be illusory, but it is also grand and old. There are forces in it that humans cannot have taken into account. We call these beings “the gods”, and they are old and wise, and have seen it all, whereas humans are young and ignorant, and thus they are in folly.

There will appear magic beings in front of you. They will take you to where they live, and they will give you of their food, so that you become as though you were one of them. The wine they drink is very precious, and it shall be given to you. They will tell you of secrets that few humans ever knew. Then you must take this fire, and share it with other humans, and you must build a society around it.

You can establish this cult (with no negative connotations) and worship and celebrate the divine being that showed itself to you. Beware though, for other humans might not enjoy what you have to tell. They are most ignorant and vile, and they do not know of the gods. They will never find them.

When you finally come across the secret: be not dismayed. Take it upon you and let its essence transform you and others.

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