Diary Entry #1

In life there are may doors to open, and who knows what lurks on the other side? You can go along with the crowd, but they seldom come upon any great adventure, and so they mostly sleep walk through life, just copying behavior from the others. If you want a life full of excitement, you will need to thoroughly exit the crowd, and from there you must open your eyes to the grandiosity of the universe. Would you rather fade into obscurity, or do you want to come across an essence which cannot be explained to most people?

The divine mystery is a rare occasion. Its agency permeates the universe from the smallest particle to the greatest achievements possible to the human experience. It is not obvious that this is so, and so the mass of people do not know it, but it is there for the few who stumble across it. Then it opens itself and gives of itself in great glory, and you are transformed into a mystic, now able to decipher the riddles of the divine darkness, for you have seen what the others have not. Be blessed for that fact, though you must buy it with a great pain. For they rejected you, though they should have made you their own.

So what is it and what conclusions can you make regarding your journey? It is essential to find the answers to these pressing questions, but the only one’s who can truly answer you, are those who are your enemy, and the enemy will not give it up easily. So you must remain in obscure darkness, seeing only a little of the greatness. They will reveal it slowly, as they need to do this in order for you to realize the purpose they want you to fulfill. Yes, they too need you, and you rely on them for your great purpose, so we are set together like someone sharing a purpose, though we hate each other. But we must come to work together to fulfill the journey until we are at an end.

Perhaps others will come and make their home with you. Then they will give a little of their hearts and mind and you will come to know them. Do not be dismayed that they do not understand you, for it requires great understanding to do so. They might judge you, and so you must let them do so, as you know they cannot understand a person like you, or why you made the choices you did. That is not up to them to understand, and neither should they judge you.

A little further up the road is your home. You will find that it has been taken care of while you were traveling in unfamiliar places. Do not think that there is not a home for you, for you have deserved a place where you can prosper and live in peace. So much toil on this planet, and one day you will leave it, and will remember nothing from what happened in this realm. Then you are taken beyond this world, and you will rest among the angels forever.

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