This Massive Ambition

We were entering into a subtle territory, when the terror happened. At first it frightened us, but we become used to the pointless killing. The space was vast, and it offered so many hints of what could become, if only the right pieces fell into position. We were untroubled by what others was doing, concerning ourselves only with the excellent, and not falling into the absurdity of modern living with its pointless entertainment and shopping.

If I was not myself, I might have had a quite life. Now I am myself, and so I am bound to this frail destiny. Always the wolves, who are hunting in packs. Always this damned insecurity about the end game and the results. They are marveled by the sight, even though they are not believers, for the play that we portray is immense. Had they only the courage to break free from their mental bondage, they would follow me on to greatness and ultimate fulfilling of all their deepest longings.

In the end it does not matter if it is correct or not. True or not, what we do is important and outer worldly. I have not seen to the end just yet, and I hope many more plot twists will come, for stifling boredom I hate most of all. I would rather have a merciful death than fall into obscurity. You should kill me rather than allow for decay and pointless debate. Though we do not love each other, we are set on this mission together, and so we are a bit like brothers, though so opposed to each other always. We are set on the same course and with the same purpose, and so we will succeed in the end always.

Whatever comes my way, I know that I can endure it for the sake of the end goal. I am sturdy and will take my chances rather than waste away. This ambition has always reigned in my heart, and I love it with a passion. Though we do hate each other, I know this ambition is familiar to you as well. It is most important. Through it all the sorrows of this world turns into ashes. If only it was fulfilled, we would be the happiest alive.

So go now and do the work necessary.

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