Manifestation Theory Debunked

“Thou create thine own reality.” —

Only everything is beyond the control of the ego. So who is there to create reality? In matter of fact, it seems as though everything except for our own reactions are out of our control. We do not control the laws of physics. We do not control our hunger, and so forth.

So we have Will, of which we are certain that this will is ours. We control ourselves. So godhood seems far away – that Spirit which creates. Everything is rather limited and fixed and beyond the control of the ego. Yet there is something there, which makes the planets revolve around the Sun.

What force in dreams makes the grass grow or a stone drop? The similitudes of dreams and waking reality are many. Are there not space and time in dreams? Are there not desire? Will, thought, fantasy?

Yet, upon closer inspection, you will come to see that not even the ego is controlled. Examine dreams once again. What determines how we think and act when we are asleep? Do we say that we have free will when we are asleep? How often have my thoughts and behavior in my dreams been strange upon waking up.

It is the same when we are awake. States, thoughts, desires, feelings. All of these are something that comes to us. Control is illusory. Everything is a state of consciousness. Everything is derived from the source of consciousness, and so we merely experience it. We do not give rise to, we are the experiencers. We are consciousness. Consciousness cannot act. It can only experience.

One of these experiences is the ego. And we are determined that it is real and that we are free.

Albeit, it is just as fixed and determined as a star’s course around the universe.

The ego is something experienced, not controlled. Or even this: control is something experienced. And this: the feeling that you control something is something experienced, an appearance in consciousness, and not actual control.

It is not “I create my own reality”, but rather this: “you are the infinite experiencing itself as a human being”.

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