The Game

Instead of actually wanting to be found out, it chose to hide itself beneath layers, revealing only small, subtle hints, like a woman flirting with an idea. It was meant to be unsolvable for the sake of not getting stuck in a loop. It was a ride more than a destination, so we rode it like on a fierce beast.

Maybe, to solve it, a transformation of essence had to take place, so that we could become something we were not, or rather what we were and not what we thought that we were. Some out there definitely knew what it was, but they chose to hide its secrets well. It was a ride and not a destination.

Though at some point, they had to give of little secrets. The firm grib it had on our souls actually helped us in some sense. It all became predictable, and so nothing could hide itself. It was a fierce machine-like entity. It was a game of chess, and we learned the rules as we were playing, choosing to play instead of waiting it out. We had to play it. What else to do in a void?

Hate and anger was properly never resolved fully, but our attitude was not to bear grudges. So these stones we carried around were rounded by persistant waves of charm, grace, love, charity.

Whatever I went through, or at least what I had went through, I knew that I could carry it on my shoulders. I did not want to hide my heart, only to make it hard at times. To carry also a whip on my shoulders. I gave the game my best, so they knew who I was.

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