Fictitious Entities

To dwell two in one. To share one’s soul with a wrathful being. To understand not the inner mechanisms, but to be given wholly to the mercy of a godlike entity. These are the facts. Take them or leave them.

To live in accordance with the rules of the jungle. To send a fist into the void, and to speculate on impossible outcomes. We shared our destiny. We were those beings without a future, caught in a loop forever. To not understand. To not care to understand.

Instead we chose blind obediance to the laws. Having speculated on possible situations, we found a path through the wilderness however much we suffered in the process. We went practially insane to understand the hidden mechanisms of the mind.

The process is blind. It cares just a little for love. But not enough to set hearts on fire. We wanted the outcome to change in accordance with possible situations. We wanted to dance nakedly in the rain. We wanted money for its utility.

This fictitious entity. This wrathful sloth. These motions we went through. These insights born from pure torture. In the middle was our future and destiny.


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