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Selected Aphorisms

The only law necessary to know in order to succeed, is that you reap what you sow. This is true in all measures.

Disregard all pride unless it develops into a persistent habit.

Few are worthy to obtain great wealth. I teach not the wisdom of this world, but of the world beyond this.

The puzzles mystify the masses. They each compete for their right to exist. But of this world beyond this they cannot contemplate.

A prophet is anyone who profess the Kingdom of God.

The fundamental law of existence is not abstract matters like what and to whom it comes, but the choice between good and evil.

I sense in all law a fundamental kindness.

There are priceless assets awaiting the Glory of God.

The workings of the mind is obscure. Delusions can arise and persist. Who is one who does not contemplate reality not a lunatic?

There are essentials goings and comings. Let them pass as they come. The end is more mysterious than the beginnings.

Subtle is the teacher of all movements. Pride you cannot take with you. Shed that pride.

Work beyond common tendencies. Avoid yourself like a pitfall.

Each thing is unique, yet there is a measure of commonness in them all. In some sense, we are all alike.

Pressure it into the absurd.