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The Self As An Illusion

We consider ourselves to be choosing agencies. This we take to be an inescapable fact. We see it as our freedom and as our right. Without it, we do not truly exist, we think. If it was not for a capability to influence our life, then what would we be? We would be nothing, or we would at least not exist as we thought we did.

This might turn out to be just an illusion or even a grand deception by a superior being. What we take for granted and established as real and true, might in fact not truly be what it imposes itself on us. The self might just be a persistent illusion. How else to term it?

Our ability to choose is thoroughly a part of what we term “the self”, and without it, the self crumbles under itself. If we take away our ability to choose, what then is left of the self? Then we are a deluded spectator who thinks he is the show. “Spectator” might be a good term for the reality of the self. You are indeed not the actor, but the witnessing consciousness of it.

How can such a thing be fact? We seem to be enveloped into the story as an agent, and without this, we, in some sense, cease to exist. At least in the sense that we thought we existed. There might be another agency responsible for all psychic phenomenons. Not to call this entity “God” would be an understatement, for it truly organizes reality. This is the being that others have called “Demiurge”.

But it is not something apart from our minds. It might be transcendental as well, but it is also immanent in the mind. It is simply the “machine” that orders this grand illusion which we term the self. Everything emanates from this being. The self is intermixed with it, so that it cannot act without it. It simply orders the self into position.

However, an enlightened being would see the self as coming from this source we call the Demiurge. The self does not act. That is merely an illusion. What is truly doing the acting is a being which often prefers to hide behind the scene. If it was not for this being, there would be nothing, for the self cannot act. All acting is merely a delusion, a false perception of the reality of the self. Everything comes from God.