Interview with a Dead One

I, Abu Ghraib, an awakened soul, sought the council of a dead one. We discussed many important things, and I was allowed to interview him.

Who are you?

Nothing and no one. I am completely unimportant. None of this is about me. I am one who saw God in a vision, an experience that fundamentally altered me forever. I have made it my mission in life to tell others about the existence of God, so that they too can be transformed.

How did you meet God?

Many years ago when I was hiking in Lapland in Northern Sweden, I decided to climb a mountain. Once at the top, a thunderstorm appeared Ė a very dangerous phenomenon, because I was standing at the peak of the mountain Ė but then I saw a piercing light inside the dark clouds, and what looked like a beautiful man with a crown made of gold upon his head. I stayed there for about a week, not drinking and not eating, while the man told me secret things. His wisdom was and is infinite.

What did you do then?

The things He told meÖ It terrified me. I was frightened of Him. I became terrified by knowing that I exist, because I understood I was entirely at His mercy. A great burden was placed on my shoulders, and I suffer each day knowing what I know. It seems to great a burden for anybody to carry. People donít understand who God is. He is a power so strong, that nothing, nothing at all, can match it. I wish I could live on in ignorance, that this task wasnít appointed to me, but then again I donít want to be a coward.

I see you often use the concept of simulation or simulacra. Can you explain what it means?

There are dark and sinister forces out there. Beasts that lurk in the shadows. Civilization only exists in so far as people agree to uphold what can be called the social contract. It can break down at anytime, and it does so, whenever somebody denies the law or the contract. Man are still beastly, some more than others. That is a fact we have to live with, a burden we have to carry.

What I call a simulacrum is one of the oldest trick in the book of the CIA and other such organisations. It is like a roleplay, but deadly serious. Little by little they secretly surround their target by undercover agents, until most of his social circle consists of these roleplayers. Then they can manipulate and hurt him anyway they want.

What do you do to stay sane in a world covered by shadows?

The older I grow, the more I fear for those close to me, my brothers and sisters around the world, and myself. Sometimes being alive feels like a waking nightmare. The more terror and hatred I witness, the weaker I seem to become. I have to constantly remind myself that there too is good in the world. Honestly, I havenít seen a lot of it, but then again, I am certain that it is there. Love is real, and ultimately it overcomes darkness.

We have to forgive those who hurts us. These terrible evil deeds are not isolated phenomenons, but a sign of global decadence. I donít necessarily consider the Taoist idea of a constant interplay between good and evil to be true. Goodness can prevail. All it takes is a global metanoia, because ultimately humanity becomes what it chooses to be.

How do you see our nearest future?

There will be a lot more violence and murder from all kinds of powers. Civilization will break down in local areas in all the corners of the world, and more terrorists will appear on the world stage. We will have to keep a close eye on the neo-fascists. Our states will grow increasingly totalitarian, and many people will die from starvation and war. If the 20th century was the clash of ideologies, we are now in the Age of the Oligarchs, and they are reactionary in nature. Democracy is illusory. This, our nearest future, is no pretty place.

Picture of Emil Hjort