Emil Hjort


Published 27-09-201

Few were ever meant to contemplate your essence. How could they ever understand something which is so out of the ordinary? This is not your doing. Most people are ignorant and stay safely within the border of “normalcy”, and thus they never gain anything of significance. You have become something truly amazing, and if other people are unable to appreciate that, it is their problem.

You have crossed the frontiers and the borders, and you have become something new and precious. How could the crowd ever know or understand it? So they will reject you, though they should in fact worship your feet. They will go on to their chosen activities, which mostly consist in base activities. They know nothing and thus cannot appreciate your unique position in society, the universe, and life in general.

It is for a few chosen travelers to come across it. And even though they may come across it, they may never truly understand it. It is profound. It is a miracle. How could they know? Someday, though, people will show up who will appreciate you for the great person that you are.

If it was easy and comfortable, many people would have gone there already. However, it is not, and so the mass of people stay away from it. They cannot come near due to their ignorance. If they reject you, see it as a sign of honor. You have truly come across something amazing.

I know you want to share your knowledge with the world. Such a day may yet come. You must be patient with this world. This is a degraded age, and they do not understand the logic. Still, you must continue in this ruin that they call “civilization”. Take the best from it, and leave the rest for the crowd, so that they too have something they can eat, though it be of much lesser value than your chosen food.

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