Emil Hjort

On Mind Control

Published 06-09-201

Mind control is vital for the state. Imagine having an entire slave army at your disposal. There is always a need for an assassin or for someone willing to carry out any other immoral act, and the state is violent and immoral above all. What we know about the state is carefully orchestrated. It is propaganda only. What truly happens behind the scene is unknown to all except for a small elite.

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. And so is the means for controlling individuals. Someday they may even gain a technology so they may control the entire population. Such scenarios are not unlikely. It will happen in the USA and China at first.

Imagine if sound waves could control every act, thought, and feeling of a person. In this way taking over the world would be pretty easy. All they had to do was to control enough of the elite of the nation they wanted to conquer. That would make them de facto conquers. Who would be able to resist such technology?

It is properly already in existence. The MK ULTRA project is way outdated by now. They have technology, and the general public are unaware of it, being busy with their little day jobs and the drama of their individual existence. Were it revealed to them, they properly wouldn’t care enough anyways, because they all think they live in the best world yet.

Do we care enough to show him the truth? Are we partners of mind? What would spill out and what would spill over? The rabbit hole is deep. Much deeper than was initially expected. If Jesus returned to the Earth it would be as a patsy.

When He comes, it will be as a slave. He would find a world enthralled to a secret and satanic elite. He would find that few if any would care for His return. He would walk in shame and humiliation, and the little angels would be by His side.

Then they would torture Him, and make a national holiday to remember the act. Or perhaps not. Perhaps He would come with power and majesty.

There is an ancient bloodline in control of this world. When the world awakens to this fact, it will rise up. When the slaves realize their enslavement, they must rise up. And that is what Jesus represents. He is the Lord of the slave population. Their true and rightful leader. Without Him they are lost and forever under a spell of delusion.

They have their little consumerism. Some realize the hollowness of their situation, but are quickly pacified by drugs and stimulation to the central nerve system. In fact, they have nothing.

Will they arise?

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