You’re nuts!

there’s a strange bird sitting in a tree
obeying these crazy commandments
caring not for personal safety

explore beyond known regions
come to some conclusions
but keep your heart open

don’t deny the joy of eating these fruits
linger not too long on the past
glorify yourself for the moment

engage and disengage
see these spawns that inherited the world
observe their finest nature

in some sense we become our decisions
that’s what rests on your shoulders
and some other things

hallways are blind and corrupted
nature is cannibalistic
eats its own kind

some love you can get
and a bunch of oppourtunities
burn it off like a mad man

don’t hold on to grudges
fall in love
realize our inherent fragility

go nuts
don’t take no for an answer
everything is yet possible

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Secret ordeal

Seconds away it ticks
volatile and insecure
out of my good skin

Nevertheless I came through
witnessed most dangerous moves
and stared across the abyss

Forget about licence
and frightening opposition
tiny markings crossed out

Wear your needle in your belt
look away from details
comprehend it in one fragile moment

Skate across icy fields
broken limbs
and headaches

Go across neighberhoods and observe
you might find the key
or your death

These hours that we are engraving
we will stop at nothing
position yourself at the edge

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The shade is a place of mourning
losses amounts to nothing
I could give them everything yet nothing

We feast upon a graveyard
caring not enough for rebellion
just our feasting and stubborness

The shade is our faithful luxury
we sit there, staring into the sun
and our needs are so ambitious

Pride is your downfall
and so is your hunger for treasure
it will ruin you

So let us build a temple upon the ruins
on this graveyard of death lovers
on our madness and imbicility

Our longings for unity
our desperate measures
my profound weakness

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Damage control

sedated as if I was mean
undoubtably senile
and coming of age

this rage
this killing spree
these uncontrolled emotions

the logic is thin
intentions hidden
the magic behind the scene

love is a heartbreaker
and truth to be told
cold as ice

behind the scene
this operator
ready with a new design

goings and comings
people I meet
those I part with

don’t test me too much
I am cruel
I might lash out

don’t ruin my day
or the aircondition
you might just break your neck

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The people

in these great halls
I am the lowliest
and strangely touchy

beyond me?
I could not tell you
I do not know

they came to me in a dark night
how am I supposed to know?
how could I tell you?

am I not fearful of these powers?
what do they want?
how could I know?

I have witnessed strange phenomenons
it has made me wise in some sense
the crowd is ignorant

and I am ignorant too
in another sense
because I know what is not seen

I walk in these halls
where mighty men once stood
of them I am the lowliest

they call me a terrorist
and a crook
but how could they know?

at the streets people hiss at me
as if I was strange
and in some sense I am

but I have seen what they never saw
I have seen what moves in the shadows
yet I am like a child

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Spear of destiny

sun is rich beyond measure
a treasure beyond life itself
and joyous

it rests there, be assured
of migthy potrayals of power

you must visit me this place
take my hand
I am of a lowly stock

where dreaming is plainly obvious
and nigthmares abound
and this fishing

these lakes
these migthy trees
this glorious richness

I am beyond hope
beyond sadness
looking solely for a fierce partner

down here we are damaged
too much of the good
and exiled

tossed around

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Glorious morning star

the smell from the tiny bits of broken seed
it enters freely through these places
enters gently tiny me

sixteen of these hours I have seen
the smell of broken corpses
I had no idea

tiny seeds of evergreen
covers the vast world
uninhibited day dreams

sperm, that vital life force
and hoaxes
and deadly traps

these tiny drops of sperm
gave rise to a nation
a spiritual kingdom

we are the last of something great
hierarchy and order
a bunch of unfortunate romances

we coupled for a greater cause
saw ourselves in mirrors

destiny and mirrors
let me own
greater causes than my own

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Hours are coming

beyond reproof
and caring
and sinister motives

look at my future self
so attached to the result
cannot obey broken mirrors

because in these fields there is hunting
much trembling
a lot of empty shells

not a care in the world

enemies takes me for granted
they could be horrific
like entertainers

jugglers in a mess
fidllers with a problem
I got the handle

look at my distant self
it is unattached

I am a silent witness
will is empty
just a carcass

saw in these fields weakness
saw them amassing strength
and I was just a boy

saw mountains and lions
saw a garden
and the snake

fiddling with a fiddler
too hard to type
uniqueness comes to pay

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Far North and beyond all daydreaming
beyond pale comparisons
and the faces of the death

I saw in this vision something moving
gathering friends and foes alike
something desperate

Could not perceive the alley
the darkness became my friend
I took on a burden

Shadows moved and obeyed
strange forces could obey
beauty was a tender child

Then this damnation came upon me
I watched in horror and fled
the battlefield was like a sickening voice

A voice of frail coincidents
it echoed down the alley
it was all that was left of my kin

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These hands that are mine
and spaces synchronized
rolling around the entrance of the tower gate

Disjunct dissections
creepy melancholy
and bursts of loneliness and disease

These spaces synchronized
to a beating heart
I revolve around it

Spaces of unlimited options
grant me silently a fist
a multitude of invisible gestures

Care to hear of my sob story
I am a center of attention
cruelly made a star of uncommon proportions

Lastly but not least
beyond life itself you will find
coded messages

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