here among the snakes
and thistles

Sincere simplicity
and some pleasure
among the cruelty

Tempting to cross their natures
to make them lash out
fitting to wear the drama

I place them among me
thrones are shaky
earthquake will consume them

I walk in these places
holy and untouched
beyond any temptation

On this heap of mud
on this excessive frailty
and among animals

Suitably entrenched
just for an hour
nothing ahead

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When the shadows fall

Seek plainly that which moves you
daylight coming
moon is red and sun is hidden

Creeping motions
hidden motives
a cascade of filth and madness

Lurking at the entrance
signs made with hands and feets
your name written

The freedom to move
beyond restful places
both fire and shadows

I hide here and not noticed
I guess intentions
nothing is secret

Observe my acts
they are quite a few
I am such as they would describe me

Before my great feast
I will have you know this
I am incontrovertible

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It is wise to move in the shadows, daring not to cross into the Sun, because who knows what daylight will reveal?

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Loss of agency

The trees and their leaves – ?
swinging and tumbling
a quite movement across the ages

In me – this force?
destruction of intent
moving against free will

These trees and a soft wind
they are so close
can touch my essence

Like them – I am?
growing spontaneously
climbing silent of itself

I am empty of myself
and yet I grow
growing with a pounding fierce ember

My measures keeps expanding
inexorably towards the Sun
finally destroying the ceiling

From the hole:
melted water pours down
grabbing hold of my very essence

I have lost something of myself
and am now
joined by a distant being

Something black and strong
and cruel in its might
the soft smells in this rosegarden

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Nothing here yet.

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Silly gesture

I walked among the herd
heard their chatter
such loud noises

I saw them give alms
and proceeded with caution
studied their behavior

They seemed to me ridicilous
they bloated out their hearts
yet it remained empty

People follow their base desires
and have such stupid dreams
they lack all direction

We have the means
but have lost sight of the end
and we are blind to the fact

I stood among my fellows
and gave them a piece of my mind
that was a silly gesture

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What is reality?

Reality is what presents itself to consciousness. It is consciousness. Time and space is not something separate from consciousness. It is a property of consciousness.

What we call the world or reality is just what happens in consciousness: thoughts, senses and sense objects, emotions, feelings, and impersonal structures such as matter and gravity, heat, cold, growth and decay, and so on.

All of this arise in consciousness and is not something separate from it. All of this is reality.

What we think of as the outside world is not something independent of consciousness. The outside world is a relation between a knower and the known which happens in a certain timeframe and position in space.

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An excess of intellect

One has to become, in some sense, ‘dumb’ in front of the riddle of being and truth. Too much thinking exhaust the brain. The world is an unsolvable mystery.

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Bridges burning

the color of death
and fiery impulses

Gone now
identities reforged
something new came

Wandered through fire and storms
these horrible states

Consciousness is new
agency bewildered
no longer controlled

I passed out of time
I saw dead bodies rejuvenated
came out of the pit

The stars were by my side
and the Moon
as I journeyed through cosmos

It all collapsed
my weigtht was immense
I saw faith disturbed

I was cast down to Earth again
but no longer human
burned bridges was gone

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Falling, poisonous leaves
blows about
judging deeds before them

Go around
maze will follow you
the blackest pit

In here: no salvation
only desperate clinging
and the falling leaves

Stomach cannot be pleased
mouth never stops speaking
ears does not listen

Foolish noise
too much said
credibility long lost

Forgotten faith
the waves took it
those unrelenting waves

The beach is empty now
just the drama of
stones slowly crushed

What was before now is no more
the tree is naked
the leaves are gone

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