We and our distant cousines
found common ground
as well as shelter
except for the damage

Control your tongue
but don’t relay it
as if it was meant
but not uncovered

Likewise we unite and separate
tie ourselves together
for a while we found shelter
and so came the hate upon the fame

Try not too hasty
to claim proprietorship
it could end well
most likely with a fall

Observe my essences as they spread
across the nation
not flickering as my weakness
but coming together

I am like a fire that rages
not unlike some I knew
fire and passion guides my essence
yet unrenewed

This knowledge is foreign
a sort like super and transcendence
these people who are ignorant
will try to find shelter

But we are those from beyond
high over the earth we roam
through endless deserted spaces
we claim our uniqueness

Try not to find shelter here
but roam it freely
enduring the abuse
gathering the few essentials

Our destiny is freedom
but don’t claim it for yourself
observe as it comes about
and madness is found in sanity

The curiosity was meant to display
sensible flattering and to obey
principles of fleeting shadows
and that which comes between

Down under there rises a wave
to swallow oceans is in my nature
i alone gathered them to me
to watch them suffer and obey

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like a nation buried in debris
we understand coming decay
but set about regardless
ships mounts and sails

see this clown world
as a gathering of harlots
intent on self destruction
i will conceive it

continue like a midget
to uncover lost spirits
not to find components useless
but gathering all evidence

on the contrary we move silent
observes the stardom
no longer judging
but setting foes free

gone now are the wicked
they must claim uniqueness
as a stardom rises
they receive only my debris

remaining now are the untroubled
not knowing is sensible
and not gathering in the storm
but realizing bliss is inherent

my weakness is such that i
am inadvertantly beyond caring
sensing their eager betrayal
finding solely the hidden rays

secretly i long for these motions
denial serves only as a bluff
my essence is laid bare
as i am profoundly untroubled

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Life Isn’t Fair

Nothing in the world could ever sway us from our path, because in this place we were placed by the organizer of the universe itself. There is order because it is demanded by a divine voice, and in this order we have our place, as everything has its place and that should be an encouraging thought.

Yes, we falter at the sight, because our weakness ties us down like gravity, and we are overwhelmed at what we see unfold before our eyes. Illusion upon illusion has been shattered, and we do not know yet where it will stop. Our mental representation of the world still has order and limits, but what happens if it should break? What is real after all? The world is a shared experience, and nothing more than that.

Your mind contains it all. It is your mind that has primacy, and not the thing in itself of which we have no knowledge. This means that your mind contains the vastness of the universe and everything in it. Suns and megastars and endless cycles, and in it the organizing principle which is God.

What will be revealed tomorrow? Such burdens that only gods were meant to carry. But you are a fragile nothingness, but you have been choosen because you, and only you, could carry this task to its end. You are not fit by nature, but are made fit by the One that you carry, He who is unlimited, and in truth he will carry you through it to the end.

Approach the task with utmost humility. Always remember that you are but dust and ash, and this will protect you against many ills. Remember your need for love, and your ability to look at other and find the best in them. To idealize them, or rather, to see them as they were meant to be seen, with a loving heart. Whatever you face, approach it and it will reveal itself and you shall overcome.

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What You Don’t See

You must live against a background of everything that you hate. Evil, violence, manipulation, and all sorts of other ills. This is irredemably how it is to live life on our planet. You can never escape this that you hate. It will always be present at every single minut of your life, threatening to consume you, and someday it might possibly happen.

There is no use in “changing” the world. It simply cannot be done. Not at this hour and day, because the world is entangled with it. For every step you take, others will have taken other steps that will consume you if you are not careful.

The only cure against this great evil that you face is to embrace pain and suffering wholeheartedly, like the warrior that you are meant to become. You must expect that the worst things will happen, and when they do, you need only be prepared to fight and possibly to die, or even to endure the worst forms of torture, but you must rise up to the task ahead.

Later you will stumble upon a truth. It is there now, even though you do not recognize it.

This truth is God. You do not have experiential knowledge of this yet, but behind all the many things in the world, there is a treasure waiting to be opened, and when it is opened, you will never doubt me again.

There is nothing here besides God. In truth, God is everything, yet you do not discern him because you are caught in the illusory play of the world. It is not really happening any of it.

Someday I will take you there. But now, you must master your courage.

Someday, none of this will matter.

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Because of this overwhelming
I am beaten

As if singly subsided I
but not among you

Frankly I would admit not to
but to subsist

My dear stranger I am
but subsist in form

There is no one there
no one to grief

But this Corona takes
I would frankly admit

Single handedly I wield
escape with me towards Sun

Be careful around me and
my heart
caress me my dear

Finding comfort in lies
is human
but I am no longer man

This Corona took us and
shook us
now we are gone

Our epitome is remarkably
“the death cares not”

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Set within perfect measurements

Random it flickers about
until the logic has been proven
seems tragic to treat failures

A snitch caught between lips
feeling uncertain before throne
set to music and dancing

Life is cruel and short
Awareness seems limited
fuel for the masses

It goes unnoticed through motions
found deep within essence
personality hides depths

It is through the years
no one seems to notice it
yet it always was

Out here I reign supreme
king of a lowly people
don’t know my name

Your world is short and decaying
immoveable my strength

Touching hours of destiny
set a course through the waves
will get to shore

Out here I am
the principle of consciousness
cannot be touched

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To obscure the masses

Underneath and within to grasp
unknowability and supreme
is within everything
and without

Damned the few awaiting
conclusions follows in steps
overturned my world
now found in chains

In a black night
I came across it
it opened and came across
floating freely now

This is unrelated
as to how I don’t know

Ever consideres the flaws
burned within by obscurity
mountain climbing
and rocks slowly decaying

Flirtation with esoteric names
concentric circles
secret channels and poets
I am like a hurricane

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The magic bond goes beyond logic
finding at the bottom of the sea
the necessary conclusions
followed by a reason

Glitch and uncool but destined
like a hurricane
from distant lands
came the plague

Like an opinionated addict
firstly and foremost conceited
definitely undervalued
and under conseigned

Seems horrible to tell of destiny
nothingness as in fails
flickering men sets sail
found and destined and obeying

Nature is compounded of laws
set in stone it is written
holy obeyers come forth
nightly fishermen and a sign

Scrolling through pergament
revealing the inner secrets
finding a treasure
burried beneath

Out there beyond the light
underhand and righteous
mad men fishing for sharks
oh my god can it endure?

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Beyond the horizon

Stunned but open to receive
the welcome of the host
has been delayed

Since we perpetuate
this old argument
burned by the flame

Moved by a thought
perceived as a problem
because it got out of hand

Yesterdays problems are gone
tomorrow is easy
stunned yet moved

Perpetuate the name
look at me not in shame
undying pride guides my work

But left unseen
as for a shadow
that goes underneath

Basement shows colours
at a fight with a beast
yet undying

Could endure some beasts
could endure frost
are still here

Could not die
is his name
future awaits

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Hindu Gods

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