The flower blooms like a majestic sky
It seems odd too these animated bodies
That flowers can bloom

It blooms like a ship
On a course of all too late
But not it is here

It seems strange
That paths should meet
If it was without intention

The sensible hides their heads
But not in their labs
Eagerly destroying gods

Emotions are vivid
Telling cruelly about not-not
The thing about it now

Seem vivid
To tell of these beasts
But it is their journey

Listening is tightly denied
Like a hurricane
It cannot amount to a battle

Eagerly telling the denied
Sensing not the cruelty
Will not deny

But later
It will appear
Then you will know

But later
Things will seem strange
It won’t deny what it is

Believing is telling
But acceptance is not
Then you will know

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Painted faces

Damage found in key and holes
The future seen at distant throws
Cupid realized control was lost
Not sensing eagerly the despair controlled

Future drift and chaos was
Between the nipples lay the bare
Foot foul in himage care
Lets not be convincing

Cease all control and motion
Getting out of bed tonight
Believing future holds the justice
Napel is clowning away

Fragile spirits hurdled in a mut
Beware those smiling faces
Pretty is the grave indeed
All is well and chaos is dreaming

Beauty is found at the bottom
Bottom is where you laid it still
Found yet not betrayed you must
Fulfill the dancing on graves tonight

Fiddling with a superior fiddler
Between the nipples it was laid bare
Betray not the foul
Care not for foul

Beware those tiny faces
Painted red indeed
Bastards wept before their faces
Tiny indeed

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Going between bundles
The locus is extreme
Center of activity
Damaged brain and testicles

Surely another kind of dream
One in which is seen the supreme
Lowly callings bear the weight
Slipping through the web

The next in line can wait
Serving solely for an answer
Cannot wait
Seemingly undervalued

Hours grave and imbecils
Hours death from imbeciles
Grasping through the dungeon
Slightly impervious to the masses

Fixed railways but no surprises
Simply etch the nineteen
Desperate fools emerges
Touching cleanly the machine

Best not to avoid simplicity
Since it gets infrequently
Tiny nurses
Yellow men

Flacked by necessity
Of going through the waves
Touching hour of destiny
No one there to avail

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On Love and Pleasure

If I buy these forks with a more expensive design instead of those cheaper ones, then when I take them home and use them, they will seem to confer a certain status and pleasure unto me in so far as I own them. If they belonged to somebody else and they were more expensive than mine, then I might envy the owner of these particular forks.

People usually buy certain things or do certain things for two reasons that might be unconscious in some people. First of all we buy things which will give us pleasure or make our life more convenient. Secondly we want the more expensive things because by owning them our social value increases which is another sort of pleasure.

This is the life most people live. You are valued by such exterior things as the look of your face, your body, your job and your possessions. To some, this is an obsession, and such people become grotesque because they value solely what is inherently empty. They constantly look in the metaphoric mirror to see how they compare with other people.

It is like the example with the forks. Forks are a utilitarian tool that we use for eating, but because a certain kind of design will sell better at the market, we become confused and then we live in a shadow world, where only the most superficial details are noticed and valued. Forks become items we own because of the exterior image it can produce instead of what is within which has nothing to do with what we own.

Our hearts is what is truly precious, and when we neglect it we come to live in a sort of paranoid world where power and submission is the only language we are capable of speaking, and this is really a torturous place to exist in, because in that sort of world there are no one to trust since everybody has a selfish agenda.

Love alone is capable of fulfilling us, but not in the materialistic sense of the word. Owning a sports car doesn’t fulfill us very long because pleasure is fleeting, and then we notice how other people have even more expensive cars.

Love is unlike the pleasure of owning things. Love is a deep bond we make with another person. It penetrates our psyche when it happens. This cannot be said of the non-living items we own. Love is to have a bit of the loved one to exist in one’s soul. To own an expensive car contains merely the pleasure of looking at it and driving it. Hopefully it doesn’t penetrate our souls.

This is why it is pitiable to be a psychopath or someone incapable of love. They exist merely for the pleasure fleeting shadows can produce for them, and thus in a sense they don’t really exist, because they have build a fictional existence upon the real one. They navigate in a world that has no solid foundation.

They miss out on that one thing which can reconcile us for living in a hostile and painful existence, the love we have for each other. They live solely by the “I-have-more-expensive-forks-than-you competition”, which is a pitiable and paranoid existence indeed.

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A Short Dialogue on Destiny

The setting of this dialogue should be imagined to occur in the home of A who is an oracle for the deity Jahve. This evening Jahve took possession of A and the friend of A who is called X, and they began speaking holy words.

A: “But is it likely that certain mechanisms can occur throughout the entire universe? In that case this would be a random phenomena that has no relevance at all to what is called the prime unity. That is why we must be certain before we act.”

X: “Yes, but there are two undisclosed cases that have not yet been able to penetrate the mechanism of death. This is why we must be exceedingly careful if we should re-open this case and dismiss it before we have a result.”

A: “It beings with searching through the items that we think are noticable to us, but then it begins in another direction from where it cannot truly be ascertained whether or not we are supposed to become the naivity or the selfish or the hydrogen.”

A: “But!” He insisted “There are several cases that can become unique if the time allows it to happen. This is the fishermens journey across the wild and crazy sea of imagination and comprehension. It is what it is supposed to be, and it will become what it must be, as the causes determine the result.”

X: “Several years may pass by, but our time here is short, which is why we supposedly should discover the nature of the infinite before it comes. Then it will be as it is in front of your eyes, but don’t expect something nice or feminin.”

A: “There are a case of this obedient one who has happened before, but not again. This is the typical case of justice as seen through the eyes of that which is not yet to come. There are miles and miles of unchartered territory that must be advanced in the sense of being complete. The nature of it is in its vacuum where it is to be an end and a beginning. The Several different archetypes manifests themselves through the sheer purpose or direction of the will.”

X: “Simply enough is supposed to be a destination that must be enwrapped by secret names others cannot understand.”

A: “Certainly! The codes are not to be found among the masses. This is because they could never understand what they have never experienced for themselves. They are mad dogs, ignorants and their anger is easily evoked when they encounter that which they do not understand.”

A: “There are certain elements of criterias that must be destroyed or gathered in a unique way so as to become empty of emptiness and fulfillment. These are the archetypes that we have mentioned. They are the valuable and necessary instrument in the living of the humans. Beware of those that may question your motives so as to avoid facing the question themselves. They are simply the vanished that will cease. The ccurence of the divinity is to be inflammable if touched at certain valuable insights.”

X: “Destiny is too meet yourself, because it was so at the beginning. Now journey onwards, never failing but keeping to the criterias. Simply vanish as the beginning is unfolded and the end is come. This is the dream of necessity, the hour of wolves. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.”

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Degenerate Titles

Coming in waves are the major
Sources of tranquility
The self is possessed by items
Unlocking bastard doors through the web

Sixteen I saw bound by a riddle
But then I appeared
And it all became clear

Sixteen I saw
Damned by their spoken words
Giving up their prized possessions
Giving it up and covering their heads

These fifteen they were hoarded
Golden fingers between
Figuring selflessly the pain
Bound to a rythm

These wild gory places
Seemingly out of touch
But not undercover
Not despised by a fool

Certainly several items became clear
The word a hustler like the sixteen
Several worlds were connected
Not one found a way through

Seemingly callous bastards
Thrown by hustler too late
Seemingly out of control
But not all too late

Sixteen I saw of these men
Climbing with a rythm
But then obscured by a dream
Listening tightly to the stream

Consciousness unregarded
Seemingly callous
But torn apart
By all too late

Seemingly obscured by the charisma
But then again unknowing
Hoarded through a clift
Like the one to possess

Gifted without bounds
Heralding the slow ascent
Out of the world
Into the pit

Seemingly without obscured faces
But then always known
To a faithful few
Sensing danger but is not ready

Danger appears beyond the sight
But then it will be known
When known it will transcend
Out of the world

These distant beings
Like the unstoppable
Seem joyful yet unavoided
Distant and seen in a mirror

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Knowledge is Liberation

An illusion is that which you get when something is made to appear in a deceptive way. It implies a lack of knowledge of what the thing or situation really is. But coming to knowledge that we are caught in an illusion at the same time smashes the illusion. Now we have gained knowledge of the illusion, what remains is to see what it then really is.

Society is an illusion is so far as we are taught something about our society which is untrue in a deceptive way. The image we have of our society is one in which we may be flawed in some ways, yet we believe we live in a democracy and that our laws reflect the ideology of human rights. We believe that we live in a free and open society.

But once you come to a certain awareness (never by accident. You only come to awareness of these facts if they are revealed to you by an external source), you gradually begin to notices discrepancies between your childhood faith in the system and what it really is. But then you gain knowledge and are thus wiser.

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Reject the Philosophy of Consumerism

Consumerism is wrong, not because being passionate about something is inherently wrong, but because it fills the life with what is fundamentally trivial and stupid. What is the appeal of buying and owning a sport car really? It is nothing else but a very expensive vehicle for transportation.

We could own bicycles and use public transportation, but because commercials represents the ideal life as one filled with products that seem to convey high social status, we value the sports car because of what it can do to us in terms of being seen as someone popular. By owning the right things, it seems that certain doors opens for us such as the dating market.

But this is a spurious philosophy – again because it values what is superficial and trivial and thus we get bored and depressed because we fill our life with irrelevance. We could have true and fulfilling passions such as mountain climbing or studying metaphysics, but we replace what is hard to do with simple convenience.

These are exactly true and fulfilling because they have value beyond either: 1) the comfort it can give us (such as a three thousand dollar bed) or 2) the social status (the bed is made of certain valuable materials).

Climbing a mountain will test your strength and your ability to plan ahead, while by metaphysics we learn about the essence of what it means to exist, which is surely valuable knowledge. But if we base our life on buying things, we end up with a lot of shiny things that might attract a mate, but then you realize that it is hollow.

There is another path that takes you on towards true fulfillment, and it rests on religion. God created the world not for itself, but for him, and thus we must seek back to him as we are meant to do. But these days meeting honest religious people is a hard thing to do since being religious these days either mean “conservative” or “religious nut/extremist”.

So you have to go there alone. If you were meant to thread the path it will be obvious to you. If you weren’t meant to, then nothing in the world can change that.

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The damned seeks the possession of
The intricacies
Finding the necessary though not the obvious
Getting along to the final edge
Seeking fulfillment
But not to worry
Time will come to tell the tale

Sessions and hours spend on idle thoughts
Finding excesses though not to waste
Getting along
On the edge
Solitary facing the front
Of ten thousand miles
A stredge

Goings and comings are the work
The work that must be done
To complete the task
Spending idle hours contemplating
The work
It is here to stay
Yet not

The feber is running high
They are watching you now
Knowing your details
But not understanding why
Lastly they will forget
Even the sensible
But it must pass

Future is to behold
In a single thought the undivided
The end is to know the beginning
And then it will come
Your senses are strong
Though not undivided
See it for what it is

The bane of a thousand worlds
Is my secret name
I am the lord and kingship
I am here to stay
The disfigurement
Is here to stay
Sense not its presence

For a little while you will know
Something something destined
Destined to ruin
But then it opens itself up
And reveals what it contains
But then it is revealed

Go on

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Selfish Gain

Desperate measures are taken
To unite the defense
Against unseeming devotions
Care not to awaken awareness
Caring for little else
Than useless hours of consumption
Speaking dreadly with the flowers
Speaking friendly at the brick wall
Seeking fulfilling spaces
Caring not to decline the offer
All is grabbling with a riddle
Left unanswered
Left behind as we set through
Walls are closing in
Emotions are boiling
Yet coming not to conclusion
Leaving answers undefined
Riddles are testing the measures
Hoping they are sensed for what they are
Someday we will be visited by death

Civilization and control bound together
Fleeing solitary souls dreads
The hour that is coming
Amnesty is an elephant
Poor qualities broken
Will unite
But not overcome
Will defend
But not succeed
Left unavenged
These savage fools
These nobodies
This furious mob that haunts
The spectre of These Last Hours
The streets are empty
None to avail this time

Control is the perfect instrument
The weak are destroyed
Hierarchy is perfect
So is cruelty
It will avail
Like civilization
And death – the bodies of the broken
Death – what is coming
Last hours spend on idle thoughts
Sensing transcendence
But then
It is here not there
So we venture on
Though broken
Though death
The shiny blood diamond

He is the last man

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