Beyond Now

The dreams occur in the distance
While we shatter our bleakest hope
As if these movements were spontanious
Could look at it with terror in my eyes
These beings – darkness and no light
These hours – passing on inevetably
Hardness spoils the secret longings
Overwhelmed by the strength meant to pass
Weaponized, and onward for the possibility of
Reaching that place with no name
The possibility of destroying the signs
But nonetheless we have to go
Destroying our last corner
The last refugee of the night falls asleep

There is in these thoughts some unnecessary damage
It spoils it all and claim uniqueness
But someday we will see it clearly
Rest assured for the moment it is gone
Resting as if ever at peace with itself
Gone now and never coming back again
Resting as if tranquil
Resting as if consuming the worlds
We must go on through irredeemable landscapes
Something comes along
Hiding in the shadows yet moving
These fears
I see it clearly
Lifting me away
Carrying me away and never safe before
The hour that is occuring
Set the sails and go onward now

I tell you it is empty
Nothing except the thought reflecting
Ever sensing the presence of danger
A thought that could contain even them
Those that prey
Making trouble and killing
Yes see me now as I am
I am nothing yet look at me

Sensing what must come nearer
These nights I am awake
Nearer ever before it is late
The night is chilling but
Out there is our goal and destiny
As if we were here now
Here now and again
The possibilites are denying us the oppourtunity
Self-reflecting thoughts are calm
Deny not my slow passing away from here
Deny me not as I am
Go look for it out there
It is out there
Yet inside since we discovered the source

The thought contains it all
Removed from emotions it is bound to end
Never to reach these shores again
Transcending and finding the unique
Transcending out of here to find
Stolen goods and neighberhoods of lust
I sense its completeness
Coming soon

Nothing is generated regardless
All is made for a goal
To reach the shore
To never look back
Storms, I see.. A wilderness destroyed
No sanctuary
It is gone now

We must master these emotions
Setting out before it is too late
It is all too late now
It is gone, nihil

Nihil and out of nowhere
The passing
The genuine miracle
And stones
It is gone now

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Remember it is Empty Inside

No one is important and those who think so are deluding themselves. It is counter-intuitive because usually people act because they want something from life, which is to feel a sense of being important. But you must refuse this great temptation always remaining as you truly are, which is to be naked (as when you were born). You are not a title or your prestige, but a private and subjective human being.

This is to control the ego.

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The One Who Was Forgotten

The vision is to see it clearly
The broken thoughts the disurbed solutions
Holding as if we should escape
From here at the hour that is near
Solutions melt and intercourse we see
As if these barbarities and dreamers of all to soon
Gets along in a dark way and decay as I see it through
The destines that intertwine and cover up
The world
As I see it through these days
These dark gallays of monstrous magnetic shields
I know where to go but not the steps that leads out
Trapped but feeling God is close
As if we had a vision
A visoon
Go now and find the truths
These bastards and their cause
These things that over everything
These visions
These visons that humble
These dark places where we meet foir the last time
Before we go it alone
We sense each other through the spearhes
These spheres of different beasts
These stars and the transcendence
These moons and planets
Humans so small
Thee men we think are gracious
Theze powers of mine
These alterations that I send
These powers that forget and use without cause
See them through
See them through and cover them again
These visons
Go now and find your destiny
I promise you will like it
Nothing special nothing new
Just your mark upon the throne
These servants that you master
These humble folks at your knee
You who teaches destinies
And put them properly in place where they deserve
To gather forth
To sprread again
To gather forth these rays of sunshine
To dwell secretly and uniquely
These vibrations that you speak
These sunsets that we see
These mornings that will come
This ever flowing time
This that I know and have received
That which made me a man
Now go and see it all through
Right until the very end
Yes it burns between the ribs
These visions
This heart
This overwhelming love and kindness
All that matters now is to see it through
Victory is yours forever

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No one who spoke with you and understood your history as it truly is could ever question your worth. You don’t pretend to be anybody special, and that is why you estimate yourself correctly. You have many fine qualities, and if people fail to see them it is because they lack wisdom.

They think they can manipulate you into thinking badly of yourself, which is entirely unnecessary. You are a great person who has faced some extremely cruel psychopaths. It is to you the glory and honour belongs, and people should recognize this. No one who’s opinion is worth hearing would see these psychopaths as anything but the worst scum of the Earth.

They deserve punishment, and in the end they always loose, while your glory will shine through the universe perhaps without people being aware that this is the case.

Never think badly about yourself. That is to estimate yourself wrongly. You are worthy, and they are not. But discussing with a mentally ill person is useless, so they will continue, but remember what is true.

You have been given white robes to wear and for those who can see you shine like a thousand stars together with the holy, the army of God.

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We judge people superficially on what they are not and always undervalue what people truly are. No one sane wnats to be remembered for being something great, because this is a twisted picture of our true nature. We are simple and subjective people who to the world seems like someone we are not.

We are private and we do not overvalue ourselves, but looks at our being as a complicated mechanism of experiences and emotions, desires and fears, and ideas about the world and self. Defining oneself by fame and power or monetary value creates a flawed picture of who we are.

We are ascetics of mind and body, meaning that we deprive the mind of arrogance and narcissism and that we do not define ourselves our others by false values such as caste or amount of possessions. We have ventured out into the desert to deprive ourselves of society and to find God. But this puts us at a variance against most people, as they are defined by their place in the hierarchy.

But we must make ourselves simple and happy, and endure this because we like to think that we have found something superior. But it remains a great sacrifice that can be felt and touched.

Rather than starting ferom the bottom then, we pull ourselves out of it to remain what we truly are, which is to be noble in the sense of having a beautiful soul which is wise, brave and compassionate.

We hope to someday be released from the bondage of belonging to a material body.

This means that we will lack certain things that we really need because it scares away people.

Our minds and body are toughened by years of adversity and fighting, and this puts us at an advantage because we can do with little, and thus we gain paitence and a a clear vision of what we were meant to be, which is to combine philosophy and theology with a close association with nature and our roots.

Being judged by superficialities necessarily produces mental health issues and a false sense of identity. We as men were meant to be rough and enduring, knowing very well how to survive in a complicated society. We force our way through and make emptiness our true identity.

As spontaneous and creative insights and ideas illuminates us, we live struggling and with occasional outburts of tenderness and love, and this is the true way. We are the forest people who came and provided abundance of life for the glory of the human race, and this is born and baptized in an ascetic heart.

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How to Act Civil

We should do the good without expecting any reward but the good deed in itself, because the good is of infinite value.

Civilization extends only to those who have mutual trust and good intentions, and beyond that it breaks down into wilderness plagued by senseless wolves and other brutes.

Mud huts and a cool mountain cave are better places for contemplating God than any castle or expensive home in the suburbs, because we leave behind every known thing to seek Him.

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The Lying Narrative

Behind false doors and vital instances
Sits it the lying narrative
What is known and rarely forgotten
A stream of such joys and delights
Such angels must we know
For too see it clearly
One must inevetably go
Divulge and do right
That’s about it

But don’t tell paints
Such a useless little question
Behind the doors of rectitude
It sits there such a delight
No one to know no one to care
But that’s about it
The lying invoked by a metaphor
Such a spewy little child..
Of all too much all too seen
We hold them in high regard
That’s right we don’t

Delights are easy delights are good
Too good too much
They say it is the end…
Of all meaning and less
Too much to say so where does it end?
The lying narrative
the lying narrative
the lying narrative

Thank you all for the show
It was great
it was great

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Nothing new and nothing cruel
intentions as we follow through
deniable but unrelated
seeking solace in my faith
hope but dances
not in vain
hope but dances
intentions met
cruelty and tenderness
that little hope divine
and if it doesn’t stop here
then we’ll find
hopelessness and pain

Yes all is well
but a smile reveales a lot
nothing certain nothing gained
is it really all in vain?
hope is lost though not the pain
smiling faces hides the shame
lots of people search in vain
my name is “strange”
unfamiliar and unwelcomed
a mystery that unfolds
like the flowers of hell slowly blooms

We who came as if we were
all in search of flowing dams
from where uniqueness comes to pay
all is heard only pain remains
at this location everybody waits
a new year greats us
supposedly as it is said
don’t know why I am
listening to these messages
they come to me unguarded
telling me awareness is unregarded
like a flower could sting us with its poissenous veins

Yes he can come to me
but nothing is left to speak
only realize the days
coming soon though not in pain
as if the stars would reveal themselves
nothing gained nothing hated nothing dead

All is left but not in vain

As if Maria would come but not yet

As if the baby boy was born but not yet

Look out and see the vision
nothing is certain
nothing more to say
it will as it is
but nothing new

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In the Mind of Tolkien 2

Arwen: “Do you remember when we first met?” Aragorn: “I thought I had wandered into a dream.” Arwen: “Long years have passed. You did not have the cares you carry now. Do you remember what I told you?” Aragorn: “You said you’d bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people.” Arwen: “And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” [hands him her pendant] Arwen: “I choose a mortal life.” Aragorn: “You cannot give me this.” Arwen: “It is mine to give to whom I will. Like my heart.”

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Everything must run its course, so why are you resisting it?
On the contrary! – Examine where your thoughts come from
If you are still ignorant, they seem to come from the ego
If you are enlightened, they seem to come from nowhere
They arise if they want to, even without your judgement
The more you judge, the more trouble you make for yourself
Realize that you have no control, everything is spontaneous
The more you resist it, the more you will be caught in a knot
Untie the knot, and realize that you are unlimited
Your true nature is the effortless way
Thus knots can tie and untie themselves without anybody interfering
To realize this is to end bondage which is now seen as illusory
This is psychological freedom and you have to trust it

The Way is achieved through emptying oneself of self-will
Or rather: to understand the course as it is
We let it flow through us instead of clinging on to it
In this way victory and defeat are equal
They are both the outcome of the stream which is beyond your control
Do not make yourself proud and say: “I will succeed!” –
What if you fail?
Rather make yourself humble and say: “Whatever comes I will accept it!”
In this way you will always succeed
Listening to the Way and following it is success
Give up your desires and you can achieve anything

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