Like An Athlete

There are many ways to fail in obtaining a goal, but they all boil down to two main causes which are, first, ignorance, and second, that you simply ran out of luck.

The last one cannot be overcome, but the first one can.

Like an athlete, we know how to train, but most people do not consider what else is behind a successful athlete.

A superior athlete knows not only when and how they are supposed to train, but also when they should relax, so that their muscles can repair themselves. Movement is always followed by rest, and if you think you can do too much at the same time, you are sure to fail.

Another failure caused by ignorance is trying to fulfill too many goals at the same time. If you spend your energies on a lot of different goals, you will never reach perfection in any of them. You have to sacrifice everything for the pursuit of a maximum of two or three goals.

Have you ever seen a boxer simultaneously being a marathon runner? I bet you haven’t because a boxer’s physique cannot adapt to a marathon.

We are like athletes of the mind: each day we push on and we gain a little, which will accumulate in the end. And each day, when the sun sets, we rest so that we can greet the following day with another perfectly executed part of a seemingly never ending cyclus.

We are passionate about what we are doing. Sometimes it feels as if it is our passion that lives, and no longer us. Nothing could be more detrimantal to our wellbeing than being unable to train for our marathon.

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China Shows Us Our Future

The totalitarians do not desire any resemblance of a just society. All they want is to build a system of perfect control that cannot be overthrown.

They will pacify the population as they have done in Scandinavia. Here people seem to be in a perpetual state of bliss, which means that they have also become numb and domesticated – quite like cattle – and therefore not a threat to the system. Who would want to become an activist or partake in a demonstration when everything seems to be “just fucking perfect”?

But inside they are the hollow people. Any spirit or soul they once possessed has been eaten mercilessly by a hypocritical system that instructs them that freedom is slavery, and that happiness is to be depressed about ones life.

Then they install desires in them that can only be achieved by becoming a loyal citizen. You have to obey us and go to your job. Then you will be better than the sorry assholes who are jobless and accordingly have no friends, cannot attract a mate, and do not own a house. But inside they know that they are living a lie.

I mean, have you seen them? These people who have worked thirty years at a government office and each day go home to a wife or husband that they haven’t truly loved for the past fifteen years. An early death would be a preferable destiny.

They have lost their spirit, properly because they never had any. To have spirit means to be alive in the sense that you are amazed about life and the possibilities it contains. If you have spirit, nothing in the world can stop you from exploring this great realm. Not even the government you love because you would stick out from the crowd if you didn’t.

China shows us our future: a maddening system where all true creativity and love have been replaced by fear and submission. Our only option is to overthrow the system now before it is too late forever.

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The Errors Of Modernity

It is implied in the very name what modernity is. It is a reaction against tradition, or what came before modernity such as religion, aristocracy, and much of the ethics developed in that period of our history. Some of the principles produced by modernity is admirable. We can for an example mention the abandonment of slavery as an institution.

But at the same time, modernity produced its own inconsistencies and prejudices.

Believing in the infallibility of science

We hail science as the cornerstone of the empire, but fail to understand that modern science cannot examine every part of reality, and is thus limited. It cannot go beyond its own models, which demands that something has to be observable or measureable to become an object of science.

Neither is science infallible. Much of the science produced are outright wrong, but since it is “science” people blindly follow it, and what they call “an expert opinion” is merely based on authority, and thus not on what is true.


Most people today believe what is called by metaphysicists ‘materalistic monism’, which means that we have reduced everything to forms of matter, even consciousness. This in spite of the fact that nobody has ever witnessed matter apart from consciousness, and we thefore cannot know if it exits. Underscoring this: what we believe to be matter are really objects of consciousness, and not what common sense believe to be “the physical world made of matter”.

Because consciousness is seen as just a random occurence, something that just came by chance, we have effectively abandonded two important principles; that of the hierarchy between matter and consciousness, and the idea of the cosmos.

Ancient wisdom established a relation of hierarchy between matter and consciousness, claiming that consciousness is more important or better than dead matter, which makes sense because it is clear to anybody that the living uses the dead in order to be. The body is a vessel for consciousness, and in another sense consciousness is the very meaning of the body. The body has no use apart from consciousness.

Likewise, if we at all assume the existence of matter, the lower and lifeless principles (such as the sun, the moon, and the planets) exists to serve, or rather, to bring into being and to create the conditions for, the higher principles (consciousness, and whatever may be out there that we currently haven’t discovered). Consciousness is the crown jewel of the universe.

In the very act of making something random, or unreliable, such as the occurence in the universe of consciousness, we really destroy the idea of the cosmos, which means that we live in an ordered and meaningful world. This means that the universe operates by a fixed “plan”. Nothing random is happening. Everything that comes into being does so, because the universe in itself contains its condition. Nothing comes into being, that weren’t meant to happen.


Most people in the Western world slavishly accept the dogma of atheism. This they do not out of genuine thought or wisdom, but simply because that is how most people think and behave.

They even ridicule the concept, yet are unable to accurately describe what God is or how He is conceived of by expert theologians and thus their rebuke of religion amounts to nothing else besides ignorance, and that alone establishes who is really foolish.

Like sheep, they blindly follow authority into their doom.

Hedonism (ethics)

Most people today believe that the meaning of life is the seaking of pleasure (or what they call “happiness”). They are hedonistic utilitarians. Being raised by the television, they believe that the goods of life consist in wealth, power, sex, and fame.

They have little regard for true values such as humility, charity, and wisdom. This alone is enough to reject modernity, because we understand it to mean that they are bad or in another sense, Satanists. Though without knowing that this is the philosophy they follow.

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Be True To Yourself

Why do you let other people steer the wheels? Are you not capable of handling it alone? Oh yes, you crash and burn upon making the wrong decision, but then you recover and are wiser. Rarely do other people offer up any good advice, so you have to go there alone. But then you will live authentically, and that’s better than to carelessly accept the opinion of others.

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The Hollow People

Beauty – what is it? Merely an outward appearance with no substance in it, and often all too hollow when opened to see what is within. They do everything to look special and important, but the trained eye sees but a mockery of any truth, virtue, or value, and no true science or philosophy.

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Is He Really A Gentleman?

“That fellow looks like a real gentleman!” Yes, it is true. But let us rather inquire into his moral character than his appearance or rather, how does he treat the weak and downtrodden? For that is the measuring stick by which we should judge others.

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The End Of Civility

The problem with our culture is not Islamic terrorists or George Bush and his hitmans, but the decadence brought about when we slaughtered God in the name of… In the name of what exactly? No one seem to remember anymore, because all genuine though is drowned in a sea of entertainment, consumerism, and wars waged seemingly without purpose, and that never ends.

Forget Osama Bin Laden. He is a virtuous and kind man compared with the terrorist celebrities that appear on the television and murder what hope we once had of a universal brotherhood, replacing it with self-interest or just plain egotism and bloviated egos.

We could have become the greatest culture to ever exist (because we have the means), but instead we dumbed down everything by appealing everywhere to the lowest common denominator. People might have plenty of food now, but they have traded material pleasures for their soul, and have accordingly become shallow. We didn’t just commit suicide, but like a terrorist, we took everyone else down with us.

The plan, like everything genius, is obvious and simple. Seduce them with useless information and silly entertainment that drown all honest voices, and then they won’t notice when what they called democracy is history, and they are all enchained to an uncompromising system, or rather, they will be too dumb to even notice.

What could be more painful than living among these brutes and beasts that now walks the Earth? No wonder we never found a place to rest, that we could call home.

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What The False Self Is

We collect a variety of material objects, work well paying jobs, and desire other such things, as if it somehow made us better human beings to possess these things or qualities. But we don’t realize that we are naked in front of God. God does not see the car we drive, or the suit we wear. But we no longer desire God. Instead we desire whatever it is the commercials makes us believe we need, mostly because it seems our social standing would improve or get better if only we had it.

Psychologists has named the source of these preoccupations, which in many people becomes an obsession, the false self. It is false, because the self cannot truly be improved by appearing as if it had high social value. But people are totally convinced that they can improve or become better if only they had this and that, and so they set out on an impossible quest to add social value to themselves, but never discovering that it is futile, because nothing can really be added to the self.

You cannot add to the self, because the self is naked. Naked in the sense that all of that which you own, your career, your muscular body, or whatever it is you are proud of, is not really you. You cannot become that and this. It is something you think is yours, but it is not truly you. In this sense you are naked and simple, and without accessories or parts.

Yet people set out on this quest, but it is like putting make-up on a corpse.

What is truly real or good is not to become someone important in the social sense of the word, but to live authentically, which means that the choices you make should be yours, and not what the crowd wants you to choose. You need to discover what you truly value, and then you might see the path you must take.

Begone with this spurious ideology of consumerism and hedonism, and walk again among the trees, because trees have that infinite wisdom that you search, if only you could open your eyes and see. Where to does the trees grow? Upwards to the sun, of course! And so you too must grow upwards to eternity and God, that eye that ever burns, and is the cause of growth in the cosmos. All else shall soon be swallowed by the passage of time.

You cling to something, because it gives you a sense of being important, it provides you with a delight. But that delight is bound to end – soon. So you must live for something else than yourself, because the self is going to die.

Brother, do you fear dead? But then observe the trees, for they know how to die. Do you lack a true purpose? Then discern the eternal order found in the universe, and find your place in it.

We threw away the myths, when we threw away the gods. Somehow we thought we didn’t need God anymore, and so the myths became a laughing stock among men for their apparent archaic nature. But like poetry can convey emotion when an essay cannot, the myths were and is an important source of knowledge of the transcendental purposes of human life.

We might rediscover them, and again find meaning in life.

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To Act Or Not To Act?

Resignation comes about when one realizes that it is useless to act. The world is so profoundly entangled in evil, that any crucial act would only bring about three new heads on the Hydra.

One can act from personal ambition, but that is to corrupt ones soul. Our desire is to see the world in a better condition, yes, we actually believe the narrative. It is true that we are motivated by sexual energies, but we cannot reduce ourselves to this. We have a higher as well as lower self, and only when they work in harmony can we be experience actual happiness.

Psychoanalysis distrusted our motivations, and a sceptical attitude is important, but we are born with a heart, and we could never achieve any joy if it meant that we destroyed it meanwhile. Crushing ones heart is extemely painful.

The world is run by outright psychopaths. How else could it be in such a ridiculous and broken shape? Only perverted freaks could mis-manage Gods creation like this.

What is worse than resignation is becoming a zombie. What is worse than the psychopaths are their ever faithful followers, who have sold out their soul for 30 silver coins. Unlike Judas, they seem happy about it.

This is because society has crushed them. They are good at fitting into an office, turning on the tellyvison and buying homes and spawning kids. They literally believe this world is the best possible, since before modernity people starved, and we had feudalism and monarchy.

But this is nonsense. This judgement is based on relativity. When you get out of the oven, the room will seem cold despite it being 50 degrees celsius in there, and everybody else is sweating.

They haven’t sold out on their beliefs, because they never had any. If they had any, they would properly act. Or if they have any beliefs, they are terrible vague and imprecise, and they become activist, but never actually achieving anything. All changes is sponsered by those who have money that is, the state. Activists are simply morons who want to attract a following.

They are neither good nor evil, but because they always submit to authority, they tend more towards evil than good.

What can one do in the face of such evil and horror? To flee would be wise, and to live another day. Yet Gandalf urges us on, to defend Gondor, while yet realizing the pain that is ahead. So like proud and brave soldiers we realize our duties, but also the little we as individuals can do.

We await the arrival of God on the scene, which is soon.

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Is Selfless Action Possible?

The problem is this: We want our actions and thoughts to be guided by the most excellent moral finesse we can possibly comprehend, but is it possible to separate this from our natural need for power, sex, fame, and money?

I think these instincts is at our core, but that we can to some degree tame them, but not destroy them. By education we can come to a higher understanding of ourselves, and what motivates us, and thereby make sure that we actually stick to our moral principles.

But completely destroy our basic needs? No – that is not possible! So in some sense we will have to embrace it or rather, accept it, though to be in control of it simultaneously.

An online dictionary defines selflessness like this:

Selflessness definition, having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish

It is possible to cultivate ourselves – in the word’s original meaning – but it is not possible for anybody to be made perfect, still we must try our best. Humility comes first, that is, to recognize that one is flawed.

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