Silent reflections
flowing within
touching the deepest part of me

From this exterior source
this might
unrepentent greatness

ten thousand eyes watching
mouths repeatably asserting itself

It flows out from within
softly grasping
feets and neck

This interior god
who have become soul
and mind

Speak for a moment
then be quite
do not go on jabbering

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Careless I utter strange symbols
flowing through and into my mouth
speaking the world into position

A kind touch is enough to invoke it
heart is restless
I am only seemingly free

Roaming the extremes of the mind
uphill and battered
brothers and sisters is my light

This fearsome crocodile
and this mud and jungle
above and beyond

I should speak to all of my secrets
but hardly an ear would listen
though I speak with such subtle a voice

To decide who to be – ?
identities are broken and mended
how would I know

This graceful being – !
full of hope and misgivings
so full of herself

Dare not to seek the entrances
do not follow my lead
into something not easily understood

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Maladaptive responses

Sometimes I fantasize
nothing trivial or naive
just a flower of my interior logic

To set and to be in motion
to search clouds and their contents
for a rainy day

Secret is
I am full of ambition
full of violence

Sometimes just observing
these people who flock to and from
they spill out a bit of their interior logic

What do you see?
how do you measure events?
see it for what it is

A piece of tragic loss
maladaptive responses
cruel situations

My logic is full of hate
though I try to produce clouds
and precious sunshine

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Safety and laws of the protocols
it reaches not here
and no complaints

Like ice that evaporates
and lesser substances
jointly trashed together

The Moon and its whereabouts
city of Jerusalem and when we lost it
sold it for a few treats

Together now
we trashed the Moon
and its whereabouts now unknown

Searching is done
and we are a few misfits
letting our tears evaporate like ice

Jewelry we wear around our neck
not tied to these fools
and what is unknown has no value

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The working mind
so conspicuously alive
gentle and so much betrayal

For a mind
and for a slight piece of my soul
I gave it away

Anyone could have it
I freely divulged my secrets
and understood fierce consequences

I wanted a divorce
but realized in a perfect moment
my fragile unity

it is One
a sacred union
complete as it is

Though so horrible
my mind
and its strange fragility

The master at the other end
took me to such places

I witnessed the angels secret work
and the smell of these flowers
and my body made of dust

So incomplete
and so weak
what else do you want from me?

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Through these dilemmas
spontanity is vital
and lots of sports and amusement

My senew is dried and stored
unable to help
can no longer locate the source

I don’t play the lute no more
now it plays through me

Careful not to hinder and delay
what is lost will someday be found
but not loose ends

Flirting slightly and on certain occasions
but cannot seal the deal
such vast cycles of emptiness

My drinking water has gone stale
the show is of a certain substance
such substance like of stars

I care not to revel in the drama
care not for social control
and to the crowd I have no visitations

They are blank and silly
touring across the globe
finding my stillborn babies

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Who is watching who
and to who does this occur?
just give me a reason

Blatently denied
supersticious and conflated
again into the back room

Devils here abound
and gruesome acts we count
forgetting a few options

Between these trees
barbaric tribes are hidden
seldom as obscure as my arm

Take it of they said
and put it to rest
give me a moment of calm

I saw in these places
something unique
and innocent

Yet beyond our borders
these rotting hearts
made of glass and sand and fiber

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Sweet thing, I adore you

I move in mountain mist
among the cool lakes
and my calm

These tough lands
and these cruel hearts
became my nation and people

The wilderness is glorious
it continually refines its essence
carve itself through millenials

We are its passive servants
loving her cruelty
her passion and love

These forces that moves in us
these contradictions
this lawlessness and hate

This wealth of our minds
these struggles we have
and our overcoming

Give it to me raw
let me taste your bitter tears
continue on – !

Peace and reconciliation – how?
only to accept our mothers blows
and her strange submissiveness

Father: a distant beast
child: up to no good
never to accept things as they are

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Some resistance

I am used to being a slave
could not get my act together
and I was wasted

Then some (prolonged) misery occoured
but it wasn’t enough
evidently enough

Tried to lay ahold of several badges
but it was fruitless
pure speculation

I found myself disenfranchised
by some apes
the best of their kind

My depression became severe
and then I noticed a relapse
the same old story

We flew together to the edge
tried to hold on to vital ideals
it gave me some headache

I guess I thought this would be easy
far from it
and it’s just the same old story

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You’re nuts!

there’s a strange bird sitting in a tree
obeying these crazy commandments
caring not for personal safety

explore beyond known regions
come to some conclusions
but keep your heart open

don’t deny the joy of eating these fruits
linger not too long on the past
glorify yourself for the moment

engage and disengage
see these spawns that inherited the world
observe their finest nature

in some sense we become our decisions
that’s what rests on your shoulders
and some other things

hallways are blind and corrupted
nature is cannibalistic
eats its own kind

some love you can get
and a bunch of oppourtunities
burn it off like a mad man

don’t hold on to grudges
fall in love
realize our inherent fragility

go nuts
don’t take no for an answer
everything is yet possible

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