Emil Hjort

The System and its Lies

Published 13-09-201

There are those who propose solutions, but such men should rarely be trusted, and should be seen for the liars that they are. There were no easy solution, and you had to stumble on the truth for yourself. How else to see it? It must unfold, and you might never know the inner most kernel of the problems.

If it were not for this grand illusion that they are playing in front of our eyes, would the world be a better place to be? For most, this world is just fine. They do not want the ugly truth of it all. They merely want to continue in their programming, without realizing what goes on behind the stage. Perhaps it is fitting that such people should live in an illusion.

Without problems, there would be no need for this system. So politicians love to invent trouble for themselves. The system works because it proposes solutions. This make people actually believe that the system is profound and necessary, only it is not. The system must invent a use for itself, or people will stop believing in it. Why have a political elite if they have no job that needs doing?

People do not want to wake up to this fact, and so they protect the system. The system benefits them, they think, and if it does not, then they will vote on the particular politician who promises that his candidacy will eliminate the problem.

However, some of us are awake (not “woke” as that is just another programming) and aware of how the political elite betray us. We have seen enough so that we need nothing more to prove their grandiose betrayal of the people they govern. It is extremely ugly. They might not all be satanic pedophiles, but they might have been just as well.

World news is just an artificial script. It does not truly exist. Democracy is illusory. The way the state functions is malevolent and degenerate. But the big problem is the slow population who believes in the fiction surrounding the Western world. Most likely they will never awaken to reality. They are too programmed to notice, anyhow.

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